Putting effort into SEO but aren’t getting the results you want? Technical SEO helps by filling the gaps in your strategy and appeasing Google’s algorithms. 

In-depth SEO audits

Find out where you’re going wrong, the gaps in your current SEO approach, and how to fix them. Improve user experience, convert more visitors, and reorientate your site towards your desired goals.

Crawl + render fix

Get assistance with page speed, core web vitals (CWV) performance, mobile compatibility, site structure, algorithm compliance, schema and more. Our team resolves crucial technical issues fast.

Drive more visitors

Drive more visitors to your site, improve their engagement when they visit and watch your search engine page results (SERPs) ranking surge. Prevent easily-resolved technical oversights from holding you back.

Not seeing results from your current SEO strategy? Falling off page one of Google results? Experiencing higher bounce rates than you’d like?

If so, you need technical SEO. It keeps your site updated with the latest technical ranking factors and algorithm changes, helping you stay relevant no matter what behind-the-scenes changes search engines make. 

Flexible Contracts

Support or campaign

We always offer flexible options and contract terms that are sensitive to your needs.

Our team works in whatever capacity you require.

Choose us for one-off support or full-blown campaigns: it’s entirely up to you. Working around you and your strategy is our priority.

Mitigate Risk

SEO migrations

Domain changes, re-platforming, multi-domain splitting and website migrations are risky and can adversely affect your ranking if done incorrectly.

With professional technical SEO support, you can turn these situations into opportunities. Our team lets you capitalise on the move, ensuring the correct URLs, links, and page structure, and removing unnecessary bloat holding you back.

The result? Higher ranking and revenues. 

Technical SEO Analysis

Audits and resolutions

Get a short-form consultation to find out how to improve your strategy or get a full report delving into all the details: the choice is yours.

Real SEO specialists, not automated reports, show you what your next step should be for your website.

Tailored insights let you improve your ranking and pre-empt problems, all effectively implemented by our in-house team. 

Why use Logic Design for technical SEO.

01 Collaborative, one-on-one approach

Technical SEO should be one hundred percent bespoke and tailored to you. That’s why our services optimise your search appeal based on your circumstances. We never apply generic approaches. Full stop. 

02 In-house technical SEO team

We have all the experts you need right here. Get access to all of the specialist consultants, search engine optimisers, and developers you need. 

03 Full-service SEO

SEO requires a holistic approach for brands to gain traction. With our full-service search engine optimisation, you get expertise across the board, eliminating technical and non-technical weaknesses in your SEO strategy.

04 Hundreds of SEO migrations performed

Whether you’re changing your website domain or re-platforming, you need a partner with real experience. It’s invaluable to prevent lost rankings. With hundreds of SEO migrations performed, our team offers the guidance and support you need every step of the way. 

05 Proven competence

Technical SEO requires a highly specific skillset. Clients trust us for our proven track record and evidence-based approach. You get reliable results every time you partner with us. 

06 Proactive response to algorithm changes

Google and other search engines make changes to algorithms frequently. Fortunately, with us, you can respond rapidly and take advantage of the change in circumstances. We do all the required research and then apply changes to your website when necessary. 

07 Get help whenever you need it

Whether you want to communicate via phone, email, video or in person, a team member is always on standby. Get in touch and let us take care of it. 

Need help on the technical aspects of your SEO?

Don’t let your efforts go to waste; speak with Logic Design and improve your technical SEO.