Websites designed, built and hosted by Logic Design come with an unrivalled warranty. Reduce maintenance costs and have confidence in your website.

We’ve called it the Logic Lifetime Warranty and, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, our developers will resolve the issue for you free of charge.

Just get in touch with our team: it’s as simple as that.

The Logic Lifetime Warranty benefits.

01 Lower ongoing maintenance fees

Websites from Logic Design reduce your expenses by providing you with ongoing support. With us, dealing with technical maintenance issues is part and parcel of your hosting package.

02 Confidence in your site

Our philosophy is simple: websites should work from day one. That’s why we can offer such a generous warranty. Our sites work correctly from the outset, allowing us to offer industry-leading cover.

03 Covers everything

No matter what site-related difficulties you think you might encounter, our warranty protects you. Say goodbye to extensive exclusion lists – that’s not how we do business.

How to get it?

Getting a website warranty from Logic Design is easy. You’ll qualify automatically if:

  1. We built your website
  2. You decided to host it continually on our servers from launch

Incredibly, the warranty has no time limits and you don’t need to apply. Once your pages go live, we protect you indefinitely.

What’s excluded?

No warranty can protect against all eventualities. Therefore, there are some minor exclusions to be aware of.

First, we don’t cover third-party modifications and plugins. They’re outside of our control. Related to this, we do not cover coding and edits made by third parties; again because we can’t supervise the quality of their work.

Second, we may not cover significant software updates. These are rare occurrences, but they can happen on the platforms we use. In some cases, software is not backwards compatible.

For further information on what’s included in the warranty, and what’s not, please contact our team at