This is an education, this is gospel, the simple act of equality between letters.

Here at Logic Design, Suffolk Website design agency we love perfectly spaced type, otherwise known technically as kerning. In typography kerning is the process of adjusting the spacing between characters in a proportional font, usually to achieve a visually pleasing result. And you, yes you can achieve the same kind of satisfaction in this handy little online game.

Enjoy equality between letters like you’ve never experienced before, do it once and you’ll be doing it again and again.

One of the most annoying bugbears to see letters unequally yoked together, “too much of gap between that a and v” you will find yourself saying when walking down the high street looking at shop signs, and a whole manner of typographical insults staring at you unashamedly in the face, untidy and looking and out of form.

Bad kerning is particularly prevalent in website design -where typefaces are standardized and mathematically spaced. But how hard can it be to just adjust the space between the main titles or key headlines? Tighten up that gap, just spend the time to delicately bring two letters together, thus forming a more pleasing outlook for everyone.

Some people might think perhaps this is a little sad, but really whats sadder than seeing a lonely character undistinguished, lonely, in a whole other line of characters, knowing that that character is to blame for illegibility

Perhaps website design and typographic fanatics should find other interests, but this isn’t a hobby, if anything, – it’s a curse! It’s something that you notice all the time – it stares you in the face and grates at your very core!

Spot the bad kerning in these examples below:


Legibility is vital when it comes to website design, making sure that people can easily digest the information you are presenting them makes all the distance, little bugbears like this just get in the way of the main message.

The small details matter, especially in a business identity which is at the forefront of a business. This is your name, your identity, lets make sure its perfect, the details matter.

Now we have found an outlet, a handy game that fixes the problem, makes you feel better, the world is not at a loss, someone out there knows how we feel, get the kerning right or just don’t bother at all.

Set the typography straight. Have fun.

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