"Google's Desktop Page Experience Update Explained"

This month, the rollout for Google’s desktop page experience update begins. From the beginning of February 2022 to the end of March 2022, the Page Experience Algorithm update we saw rolled out to mobile search earlier in the summer of 2021 will be applied to desktop search results.

Here’s a reminder of what this will mean for the websites you own or manage.

What Does Google’s Desktop Page Experience Update Mean for Websites?

Except from mobile friendliness (which will remain relevant to mobile ranking), this update will use the same ranking signals as the mobile update, which include Core Web Vital metrics LCP, FID and CLS and their associated thresholds.

If your site has separate desktop and mobile URLs, the URLs desktop users see will be the basis of the signal.

Building on the desktop search update released last year, the latest algorithm update is designed to showcase the pages with better user experiences. With that being said, don’t expect to see any drastic changes to your rankings based on this update alone, as page experience remains just one of many factors Google takes into consideration.

Since the announcement of desktop page experience algorithm rollout, Google has since released updates to Search Console tools and reports to help site owners better understand the performance of their desktop pages in relation to page experience. These new features should help site owners and managers prepare for the update and optimise page experiences accordingly.

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