case studies and testimonials

Surprisingly, simple things like case studies can have a significant effect on your business.

We all understand that content can make a substantial impact for companies, but by presenting past successes and relaying true experiences from your existing customer base, it can actively establish your brand.

Why are case studies and testimonials important?

Adding case studies and testimonials to your website may sound strenuous, but really, the investment of time is worth it, considering you can:

Separate Yourself from Competition

You are able to describe, in great depth, every aspect of your customers’ experience in case studies which therefore represents you and your niche. By identifying and highlighting every step of the approach you took towards reaching your clients’ goal, it will inform new customers on how you work and how you stand out from other similar businesses.

Engage New Audiences

Case studies and testimonials are great marketing techniques and will promote your business to bring in new customers; you are able to uncover some of the details of your services that may be difficult to transfer in the usual digital marketing material. By using a real-life account, you are providing honest, concrete evidence of your expertise and experience.

Credibility and Reliability

Every customer needs to know that they can trust in you and your business and by implementing case studies and testimonials, you can do that. Using direct quotes from customers, and detailing the services that you have delivered, can show new clients solid proof of your skills and establish trustworthiness through your positive reputation.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Finally, by regularly adding case studies to your website, whether that be in the blog section or within a portfolio, you are creating additional content which will positively affect SEO. Unique case studies that showcase services that may not be openly available on your website design is a great way to create original content which Google loves. Search engines thrive on consistent and relevant content which is filled with industry-related keywords, so by writing about your business and its successful stories, your SEO will improve.

Case studies are no doubt one of the best ways to demonstrate the value of your service or product, and may well be the deciding factor between you and your competition. If you want to talk to our experts about what we can do for your business, contact us on 01284 706842 –

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