At Logic Design, your Suffolk Website Design and Marketing Agency, we say keep your blockbuster movies and bestselling memoirs, because creative website design is the best way to tell a story. And we’d say that to Quentin Tarantino’s face.

If you’ve been following this series, you should already have an idea about the story you want your website design to tell. Today we’ll show you some of the ways you can bring that story to life.

Find your Fail Whale

Children like mascots, and deep down, we bet you do too. A mascot can narrate your story, or be a much needed injection of character. Finding yourself a mascot could be the secret weapon that brings your website to life, not to mention giving you a memorable character.

Twitter’s Fail Whale is a good example of a modern day mascot. Have you ever seen the whale? If you have, that means Twitter isn’t working properly. But somehow, the whale makes it okay. The whale soothes your frustration at not being able to read Kanye West’s latest diatribe.

Is your website design missing that not so human touch? We can help you find your mascot.

An image is worth a thousand page clicks

“Show, don’t tell,” said the generic creative writing tutor at your local adult learning centre. Well, they’ve got a point. And on a website you can take that advice literally by using pictures more than words.

Images are the basic building blocks for a website design that tells, or should we say shows, a story. So use them!

The parallax view

Parallax scrolling uses various layers of design on a page. Each layer responds differently, depending on the scrolling behaviour of your website visitor. This a relatively new technique, first used on a Nike website in 2011.

The real value of using parallax scrolling, in our view, is that it puts your website visitors in charge. It makes them feel like they’re in their very own ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ novel, only they don’t have to turn to the right page, the website simply slides them along.

Parallax is immersive, engaging and a great technique to use for a storytelling website design. But there’s still one more thing your storytelling website needs to really shine.

The final, secret ingredient…

This is the bit where I remove my sunglasses and point my finger directly at you. Yes, the most important piece in the website design puzzle is you. You there, reading this. All these nifty tricks and techniques we’ve been talking about, they’re really just fancy ways to help your website visitors connect with you, and your unique story. If those visitors can get a sense of your authenticity, they’re going to buy into everything you say, sell and offer.

And in the final post, we’ll show you how to bring the whole package together to achieve that sense of authenticity.

To be continued…

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