"What Do Long-Form Notes Mean for Twitter?"

Currently in a testing phase, Twitter has unveiled a new long-form notes feature exclusively to a select group of users across the USA, Canada, Ghana and the UK.

Coined as Twitter Notes, this could see a significant switch from the renowned short-form tweets to long-form notes and, potentially, a new blogging platform.

How Does Twitter Notes Work?

In theory, there will be a new button in the sidebar called “Write” where you will be able to access a rich-text editor. This is similar to a simple blog article composer including the ability to add images, links, tweets, videos and headings. You will also allow the text to be bold, italic and formatted in different ways. Titles are limited to 100 characters and the word limit for the Note is 2,500 words.

You will be able to edit your long-form notes after publishing; there will be an “Edited” label at the top of the note. Once published, the Note can be embedded into a tweet, displaying as a Twitter card which links users through to the entire article. These notes will be available both on and off Twitter enabling greater reach.

The Impact of Long-Form Notes on Twitter

Advantages of Long-Form Twitter Notes

Enhances the Current Writer’s Experience

Although there is currently a character limit, that doesn’t stop some writers creating long-form content. Whether it’s using continuous threads of tweets or sharing screenshots of note apps on their phone, there is still a way to get longer written pieces out there. However, the introduction of Twitter Notes could enhance this ability, making it easier for people to share long-form content. In turn, it could also enhance the readers experience, making it a less disjointed read and a more seamless one.

Long-form content indexes on Google

Enables the Content to Be Indexed

No matter whether you are logged into Twitter or not, whether you have a Twitter account of not, you will be able to access Twitter Notes which means Google will be too. This will provide new promotional opportunities Twitter users have never seen before. The broader reach available and the Notes’ unique URLs mean the long-form content will be more valuable and therefore indexable, encouraging longevity and quality.

Disadvantages of Long-Form Twitter Notes

Going Against Tradition

Twitter is renowned for short-form writing; a tweet is defined as “a short burst of inconsequential information”. Therefore, this significant change goes against the grain and may not be what users signed up for. When tweets were just at 140 characters, the increase to 280 was an exciting time and could still be considered as a tweet. A Note could be seen as a complete detour from Twitter’s roots.

WordPress: Competition for long-form content creation

Already Other Established Blogging Platforms

Twitter users already link to either their own long-form content or 3rd part long-form content in their tweets. This has never been an issue, so why would they need another blogging platform when they already use one? They probably already have an established audience elsewhere where they have more control.

This includes some of the well-known platforms such as WordPress, Medium or Substack. Some may use Twitter to keep up to date with the news stories of the world, but that doesn’t mean they need the platform to be the sole platform for this content. Redirecting users is a feature that users are familiar with, so it doesn’t necessarily need to be changed.

Is Long-Form Content in the Future for Social Media?

Social media has always been a platform for users to express themselves and share content with others. So, in a way, it could be seen as inevitable that the ability to create long-form content would be available on social media platforms eventually.

Twitter have claimed that Twitter Notes won’t get priority over Tweets themselves, but who’s to know how that might change. Instagram are also in the midst of creating a similar feature to Twitter Notes too – and has the same name – where users can share notes with followers or Close Friends lists like you do with stories.

It’s all about experimenting and seeing what works for some platforms and users. It’s just the same as your social media and content strategy. Are you getting the most out of yours? Get in touch with our digital marketing team today to see how we can help you.

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