The Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide (CCCW) has links with churches around the world, to teach about Christianity in the 21st Century.

Although CCCW has a current web presence, it required our expert knowledge to help bring it forward, and appeal to people on a global scale. Improving and enhancing UX experience was CCCW’s main aim, so our plan was to alter their sitemap on their original website to make it more accessible, and to make sure that it was fully responsive on both mobile and tablet devices.

With the addition of more direct call-to-action triggers, traffic would be more inclined to explore the website and their services; by refreshing their overall website design, it would make it more welcoming too.

University Website Design for Cambridge university course

An all encompassing online presence

CCCW have a large amount of useful information that they needed decent outlets to showcase it so, by developing a news area, they now have the perfect way to store and share articles, and promote their events to their visitors. As well as this, social media is an essential part of increasing traffic, so we integrated their social media feeds and provided tools to share information from their website to social platforms.

University Website Design for Cambridge university course

Quick, Easy and Simple

The end result is an easy-to-navigate website, with an appealing design, that is full of information the CCCW want to supply to potential students. There has been a dramatic increase in traffic since their relaunch, which is a result of the improved functionality of the website, and our main aim of this project.

University Website Design for Cambridge university course

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