Founded in 1909, Stowmarket High School is a secondary school and sixth form with over 700 students and variety of subjects to study.

Over the years, various content was added to their site which resulted in a messy and inconsistent user journey. This was also due to a restricted and hard-to-use content management system, so they required a more manageable CMS along with their new website design. Overall, Stowmarket High School were looking for a contemporary and clean design that ensures content is easily digestible and an easy-to-navigate site for their wide demographic: current and prospective parents, Ofsted and teachers.

In the planning stage, we reviewed the site structure and user journey which resulted in streamlining the sitemap to create clear and concise informative areas for each audience. The flat design style reflects their streamlined, efficient and easy-to-read aims and we utilised imagery heavily across the site to reinforce the school’s ethos and give parents a genuine insight into the school. By building the new site on WordPress, the CMS provides greater control and flexibility so it can be managed easily in-house.