The Magic Flower Company offers all-natural preserved flowers, long-lasting roses and foliage products that can last up to a year.

After growing their customer base through their first Shopify website, they required our help to take their online business further. Their current iteration did not reflect their success; their branding needed reinforcing and product imagery was vital in order to emphasise the uniqueness of the product. The user journey also needed improvement which is why we designed a completely new homepage layout and some key landing pages. The flowers are the main focus of the site with clear categories to help customers find what they’re looking for. Our copywriting team ensured that all the information was written in easily digestible chunks and their USPs were highlighted throughout.

To continue pushing their business forward, the Magic Flower Company started an ongoing SEO campaign with us. This includes content creation, writing regular blog articles, which has resulted in a 73% increase in blog views year-on-year, going from 1,187 views to 2055. We optimised common SEO aspects, like page titles and meta descriptions, and aided the client with broken links and URL redirects. Content optimisation on key pages also ensures they earn as much traffic as possible which has led to a 41% increase in organic traffic.

32% increase in non-branded clicks

73% increase in blog views year-on-year

41% increase in organic traffic