The Society of Analytical Psychology (SAP) is the oldest training organisation for Jungian analysts in the UK, providing training in Jungian, post-Jungian psychoanalysis and psychotherapy.

After losing a large amount of traffic with a new website launch, the SAP came to Logic Design looking to regain as much of this as possible with an SEO campaign, as well as hosting for a complex “Moodle” platform. Other aims were to increase brand awareness, increase traffic for those looking for psychological help, and increase engagement with their courses and events. As a highly established brand in both the industry and from a domain point of view, our goals were to fix the issues their new site brought and ensure they rank position 1 for their brand name (“The SAP”). In short, we’ve seen branded clicks increase by 10% and the number of times their site has been seen in search (impressions) for branded queries has increased 426%.

During the campaign, we have addressed as many of the issues as possible. This includes setting up page titles, meta descriptions 301 redirects and structured data schema as well as content optimisation and utilising internal links. Comparing the first month of their campaign to 6 months later, the number of clicks to the site has increased 96% and there has been a 212% increase in “Join” requests / applications to join the SAP.

50% increase in clinic enquiries in 6 months

275% increase in page views over 3 months

73% increase in users on training pages in 3 months

We are absolutely delighted with the results from our SEO campaign. Our rankings and traffic have been significantly improved and the team at Logic is transforming our website and branding.

We’ve been working with the Logic team for over 18 months and have been incredibly impressed with their knowledge and how they communicate complex concepts to their clients. The team has made a real difference to our reach and influence.