HorseHage offers dust-free forage, high fibre chaffs and complete feeds that are specifically designed for every kind of horse.

As the official supplier of dust-free forage to the British Equestrian Team, HorseHage required a website redesign that better reflected the quality of their products, services and brand in general. Along with a cleaner, consistent styling, their new design reinforced their colour palette which created a stronger brand awareness across the site. With a more organised structure for product ranges, they were easily accessible and information, as well as scalable for additional products. HorseHage’s quality and credibility was enhanced  with an insightful and resourceful news and advice area which showcases their knowledge within the industry and the benefits of their products.

To boost their brand even further, they started an SEO and Marketing campaign with us. To build authority and traffic, we undertook thorough keyword research to find opportunities to optimise their product pages. The results we saw from this was a 69% increase in page views and 71% increase in organic traffic. We spent time making sure redirects had been set up to the correct places, undertaking a citation clean-up phase, and building around 80 links to the new domain. This was to ensure that as much authority was passed across from the old domain as possible; we gained 5 Domain Authority points. Also, we built a strategy for regularly adding content answering FAQs in order to establish HorseHage as experts in the field. Over 3 months, we saw 110% increase in Google search traffic to technical “advice” and “nutrition” posts.

591% increase in product page views over 6 months

631% increase in conversion events

5 Domain Authority points gained

Great work by all the team, very responsive and easy to work with. Very happy with our new website, and looking forward to our ongoing SEO and digital marketing activities. Would recommend highly.

Marketing Manager HorseHage