Since 1974, Jarvis Cosmetic Developments have been creating premium skin care products for boutique, spa and independent brands.

The main aim for the project was to encompass clients at all stages. This meant creating clearer user journeys for customers at different points of the cosmetic production process. Additionally, the client wanted to improve accessibility on both the front end and the back end so the website is easy to use from a user and an admin perspective. These changes were not only requested to enhance user experience, but to increase high quality enquiries which is why they also came to us for an SEO campaign which included regular blog writing in order to increase visibility.

We embarked on a thoroughly detailed planning stage to ensure no issues were passed onto the new site. This included looking into Jarvis’ user stories and flows, plus reviewing the current site’s accessibility. From this, we highlighted the timescales and involvement required by customers to avoid any low quality enquiries. Year-on-year, we have seen a 114% increase in impressions and 26% increase in conversion events. Also, there has been significant 223% growth in the clicks through to blog articles. Finally, we conducted a detailed training session on their bespoke WordPress CMS to make sure every admin felt confident using the back end system.

53% increase in clicks

26% increase in conversions

223% increase in clicks to blog articles