Net Curtains are a family-run, London-based business renowned for their selection of stocked net curtains and other products.

In order to shift the focus onto their online sales, Net Curtains required a complete rebrand and to move away from their previous bespoke built site. Essentially a start-up, their main aim for the new website was to become the UK’s number one supplier for net curtains – which is why they also came to us for an SEO campaign.

With this in mind, we designed and developed a full WooCommerce store in-line with their branding, message and functionality. Our Tech team built a “made to measure” calculator for certain product types and the spotlight was put onto their wide range of stock. So much so, they have seen a 5.79% purchase rate, with 861 items purchased, on the website and are now ranking for competitor brand names. Post-launch, we implemented an aggressive SEO strategy to quickly improve the new domain’s authority. This included on-site optimisation to target highly competitive yet high traffic keywords and phrases. Within 6 months, there had been a 4685% increase in traffic and clicks per day, alongside an increase in Domain Authority points going from 4 to 25.

4685% increase in clicks per day

21 Domain Authority points gained

5.79% purchase rate with 861 items purchased