Since 1922, Chas Berger has been an established contractor delivering construction and refurbishment services throughout London, Home Counties and the South East of England.

To celebrate their centenary, Chas Berger were looking for a modern update for their website and branding as well as an opportunity to stand out from their competition. Whilst maintaining its history and industry standing, they wanted the design to fit their current status and reinforce both brand awareness and credibility to secure the work they were aiming for. Their sitemap and content also needed improvement as it did not explain what they offered well enough.

Our designers reviewed and suggested a similar colour palette, as well as the text logo element to avoid alienating current customers familiar with the company. However, a cleaner Sans Serif typeface was implemented to modernise the brand. The brandmark of the logo creates a strong tie to the construction industry with the brick reference whilst subtly highlighting the ‘C’ & ‘B’ of Chas Berger. A new centenary logo was also created that ties into the updated logo and emphasises brand awareness.

The UI redesign, based on the rebrand, created the new site from the ground up, improving the brand representation and making the design more visually appealing. With more image-led content, the user is more engaged throughout and they saw a 577% increase in traffic. Meticulous sitemap and user experience planning resulted in a completely restructured sitemap to offer more information about the company, brand and services. The content rewrite supported this, going into more detail about what Chas Berger can do for clients, give visitors confidence to use them and justify the company’s success. The new case studies area reinforced credibility too and they saw a 226% increase in ranked keywords post-launch.

The team at Logic have been a pleasure to deal with. Always on hand to help with any queries. I would have no hesitation in recommending them!

Head of Marketing & Communications Chas Berger