Flick & Son are the largest and longest standing independent estate agent within the Suffolk region, starting back in 1833.

Due to their change of brand identity over the last few years, moving from a quintessential Suffolk firm into a more fast-paced London-like agency, they required a new online presence to reflect this. The client required a modernised design but one that didn’t alienate their current audience and maintained their strong, recognisable branding. As a result, brand awareness was reinforced using their brand colour palette and font throughout alongside a consistent light and contemporary styling. In addition to modern styling, their user experience needed an upgrade too so a concise menu structure was implemented and clearer call-to-actions were added to increase conversion and aid the customer journey.

The outdated content needed a refresh to highlight their USPs further and give visitors a reason why they stand out in the industry. Whilst still capturing the traditional, our content team rewrote the content with a more modern, approachable and professional tone of voice with a hint of pizazz. Post-launch, Flick & Son started an SEO campaign with us in order to increase their localised search results for property auctions – a new venture – and improve their visibility as a regional agent too. We have seen 122 rankings earnt for this new Property Auctions page and 186 conversions in 4 months. Also, there has been a significant increase in daily impressions over the last 3 months, growing from 13 to 170 which is a 1207% increase.

1207% increase in daily impressions

122 new rankings earned for new page

186 conversions in 4 months

We’ve been working with logic design for a few years now on various different projects and they’re always accommodating and willing to explain, review and meet with us when needed. Highly recommended.

Head of Operations Flick & Son