Colchester Zoo is an award-winning home to a huge variety of animals that is committed to conservation with its breeding programme and charities.

To be distinctive from other zoos, Colchester Zoo wanted to move away from the traditional graphical design and more towards a focus on the animals instead. Their aim was to create a more immersive website experience which helped provide a closer insight into a zoo visit. Also, they required the ability to control promotional material with ease, so every event could be successfully marketed.

After in-depth planning and analysing user habits from popular pages, device types and pain points, we created a new site structure to improve interaction. Also, with 80% of the audience visiting on a mobile device, this was taken into account for both design and build. On top of this, we designed completely unique concepts which emphasised the zoo’s culture, status and brand.

The team put together some fantastic initial designs for us to review which really captured the feel of zoo and offered us some great advice throughout the process.

Since going live with the new site, the Logic Design team have been quick to respond to any queries and help out and we hope to continue to work with this friendly team going forward!

Business Development Manager Colchester Zoo