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Online Marketing Agency

Our transparent strategies keep you informed on your campaigns performance, helping to maximise your ROI.

Marketing can be tough to budget for but, with our fixed price campaigns it’s a breeze. We’ll provide in-depth analytics you’ll understand, keeping you in tune with customer engagement.

Online Marketing Team
Understanding your audience is the cornerstone of any campaign

Marketing Research

Understanding your audience is the cornerstone of any campaign – reach out to them, speak their language and keep them engaged like you’ve never done before.

We take time to learn about your business, to talk to you and to conduct research, to help us create campaigns that hit all of the right notes.

We’re a personal agency and believe strong relationships are the key to successful marketing. Working with your dedicated designer, you’ll be able to forge a great bond, as well as successful advertising campaigns.

Marketing Research
Working with your dedicated designer, you'll be able to forge a successful campaign

Email Marketing

In just a few seconds, you can reach thousands of new and existing customers with information, promotions and offers to capture their interest.

Our design team will give your email campaigns life, and reinforce your company’s brand and ethos; when your email packs a visual punch, it’s more likely to engage the reader.

We’ll help you communicate with your audience, whilst our powerful software removes all stress in sending a campaign. It is able to seamlessly integrate social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, whilst providing you accurate analytics so you can monitor your campaign in real-time.

Email Marketing Agency
When your email packs a visual punch, it's more likely to engage the reader

Social Media Marketing

The way we communicate has changed so, become part of your clients’ lifestyle and engage with them in real time.

As a marketing entity, social media is much more than another online presence as it can target specific demographics, analyse engagement and create hype around your products or services.

Don’t just get your message heard, get it heard by the right people.

Social Media Marketing
Target specific demographics, analyse engagement and create hype

Content Writing

Don’t assume that everyone will understand the inner workings of your business, it is essential to put on the shoes of your customer to find a common language.

The power of online content should not be underestimated as search engines will be reading it too. Keeping the balance between keyword-rich, search engine-friendly content and copy that excites your audience, is a challenge that we’re finely tuned to overcome.

If you’re looking to inject flavour into your content, without the usual additives, then let the creative copywriters at Logic Design tell your story.

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